About the Journal

The Technoarete Transactions on Renewable Energy, Green Energy and Sustainability is an open access, double-blind peer-reviewed journal that is devoted to publishing pioneering and groundbreaking research findings, outcomes, and studies being carried out by talented and gifted researchers, academics, scientists, scholars and other professionals engaged in the disciplines of Renewable energy, Green Energy and Sustainability.

Technoarete Transactions on Renewable Energy, Green Energy and Sustainability is a leading interdisciplinary journal whose sole purpose is to facilitate the dissemination of theoretical, experimental and applied research outcomes being accrued by professionals carrying out exploratory and analytical studies across all specializations of Renewable Energy, Green Energy and Sustainability.

Aim & Scope

Technoarete Transactions on Renewable Energy, Green Energy and Sustainability (TTREGES) is a double-blinded peer-reviewed open-access International Journal published by Technoarete Publishing. The rate of production of energy greatly influences the Socio-economic development of human society. The aim of the journal is to provide an interdisciplinary forum for efficient disclosure of research covering emerging areas of major disciplines - Physics, chemistry, biology, materials science and energy engineering. The Journal serves as an excellent platform for scientists, academicians, researchers to share and disseminate their research knowledge on various sub-disciplines of Renewable energy, Green Energy and sustainability- Photovoltaic Technology, Hydropower, Solar Thermal Applications, Green Building and Architecture, Wind Technology, Biomass to energy, Distributed Energy Generation, Geothermal Applications, Airpollution,Sanitation and Water Pollution, Desertification and Drought, Toxic hazardous chemicals, radio-active wastes, population explosion, Renewable sources of energy, Sustainability tools, Fuel Cells, Electrocatylysts and Photocatalyst, Desalination batteries, Solar Energy conservation, Carbon emission and accounting, Energy Efficient buildings, Solar Thermal Energy.


Photovoltaic Technology


Solar Thermal Energy

Green Building and Architecture

Wind Engineering

Biomass to energy

Distributed Energy Generation

Geothermal Applications

Air Pollution

Sanitation and Water Pollution

Desertification and Drought

Toxic hazardous chemicals

Radio-active wastes

Sustainability tools

Renewable sources of energy

Population explosion

Fuel Cells

Electrocatalysts and Photocatalyst

Desalination batteries

Solar energy Conservation

Carbon emission and accounting

Energy efficient buildings

Marine Energy

Energy Storage

Energy Security

Hydrogen energy and fuel cells

Bioenergy and Biofuels

Degradation of ecosystem

Quasi-environmental sustainability

Sustainable Chemistry

Measuring and Monitoring sustainability