About the Journal

Technoarete Journal on Accounting and Finance (TJAF) is an International peer reviewed, open access journal aiming to publish high quality original research, review articles, short communications, case reports, technical notes and editorials. We offer a wide range of knowledge on new trends and advances that contribute significantly to further the scientific knowledge related to fundamental and applied research covering all aspects of Accounting and Finance. The journal also includes various fields of research on Corporate governance, Risk Management, Investment management, Capital budgeting, portfolio management, Financial statement analysis, Cost accounting, Microfinance and poverty, Corporate social responsibility, Auditing standards, Enterprise Risk management, Fraud management, Conventional and Islamic banks, Modelling and forecasting, Mergers and acquisitions, Public sector accounting and auditing, Financial reporting, Social and environmental accounting, Investment and preservatives, Capital markets in emerging economies, Accounting information systems, Credits risk modelling and management, Foreign exchange markets, Bank predictions and Determinations, Market Microstructures, Macroeconomics Variables, Management Accounting, Financial innovation.


In the context of increasing globalization of the current century, Technoarete Journal on Accounting and Finance(TJAF) aims to address various issues and current trends that make a remarkable contribution in the field of accounting and finance. The journal invites and publishes significant research contributions, recent advances and experimental case studies carried out in various sub-disciplines under accounting business information systems and finance – Public Sector Accounting and Auditing, Corporate Governance, Auditing Standards, Foreign Exchange Markets, Portfolio Management, Investment Management, Financial Management, Fraud Management, Income Management, Auditing Standards, Assets Pricing, Mergers and Acquisitions, Capital Budgeting , Micro Finance, Poverty Alleviation, Financial Strategies, Business and Project Evaluation, Regulatory Framework, Capital Management. The journal also attracts and welcome articles on various organizational and economic theories pertaining to phenomena of accounting and Finance .